Community at the B.B.H.I.S.

So, the purpose of this blog is to relay glimpses of community in unexpected places.

Here’s another unexpected place: the Big Box Home Improvement Store.

We’ve been going there quite a lot, as you can imagine. In fact, today (I’m writing this on Sunday) might be the first day in, oh, fifteen days or so that we haven’t made it over there, but since J is over at the house right now, taking his parents through, who knows what he’ll find that he needs to purchase before the day is over.

When you go to a place every day for many days in a row, you learn something about that place that you tend to overlook when you only go once every few months. What do you learn?

It’s a little microcosm of community.

The guy with the gray beard who works at the paint counter, for instance, is a nice guy who’s stayed at a random historic hotel in Arizona, which I know because the paint colors I picked out are all from the ‘national historic register’ sites, and I picked the same color walls as are found at this historic hotel. I even know how much it costs to stay there.

And the tall balding man who works in the tools section–he helped J load the car with the rental sander, and when he was there when I went back to get more sandpaper for the random oribital sander (if I got that right I have no idea), and then he was there when we bought the belt sander, and then when we went back for even more sandpaper. He was always there.

And then the guy at the cash register with the tattoos on his forearms–I think his name was James. He’s been there lots, too.

Oh, and I’d recognize the guy from the flooring department if I saw him on the street. He knows his cement.

I like it, this strange community at the Big Box Home Improvement Store. Who would have thought it existed?

Not me.

PS J does frequent the local hardware store for lots of items, too, since we’re all about doing things local. I haven’t been there enough to write about that community. But what I do know is that they’re even cheaper than the BBHIS for wire of any sort and for fasteners–they just don’t have lots of the items in stock that we need on a regular basis (huge vats of spackling, for instance).

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One comment on “Community at the B.B.H.I.S.

  1. stephen says:

    Yes, I know the little old ladies who work the cash registers at our local BBHIS. They probably know me because I have brought my cute little baby girl along with me the past few saturday mornings. I also know a few people at the local hardware store, that though it too is a chain it is locally owned and operated and a wonderful place to find nuts and bolts for my motorcycle.

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