Generating Conversations about Community

One thing I didn’t anticipate when I started a blog about community is the fact that everyone I know would suddenly start wanting to talk about it.

Not that I’m getting tired of it. Trust me, I’m not. It’s just getting more and more fascinating how many serious conversations people are wanting to have with me about community. It comes up all the time now. Sometimes it’s just a brief reference (“speaking of community”), sometimes it’s a story about a lived experience of community, sometimes it’s my dad saying “This will make it on your blog, won’t it?” or my mom saying, “We need to go to the auction while you’re here–that’s definitely community!” (The much awaited “auction post” is coming soon.)

There’s something somewhat ironic about this phenomenon, of course, having an online forum to talk about something that is primarily experienced in person (something, in fact, I thought I wasn’t experiencing, even more ironically), and the result being more conversations in person about community.

I want to take advantage of these in-person conversations that I know you’re having or at least wanting to have, so here’s what I’m thinking:

Tell us about it!

I’d like to encourage you to leave comments here at Texas Schmexas (on any of the blog posts, past, present, or future!) about your own experiences with community–good experiences, bad experiences, what you wish community could be, what community is–because every time I pick up the phone or sit down at a meal with friends or family, I am reminded that we all have these experiences. When someone says the word “community,” what comes to your mind?

There’s really no excuse not to participate, because I know you’re thinking about community, or you wouldn’t be reading my blog. (Okay, maybe J would still read my blog just because it’s mine, even if he wasn’t thinking about community, but the rest of you probably wouldn’t.) And some of you already do this with some frequency, so take your cue from comments by Stephen here, or Anna’s comment on this post, or Elaine’s comments on this one.

Maybe we can generate more conversations about community.

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3 comments on “Generating Conversations about Community

  1. Bonnie i.e. Liz's mom says:

    As you might imagine, I’m waiting for the ‘auction’ post. Love your blog!!!!

  2. Stephen says:

    Today I finished my training at work. There were a few people from out of town attending the training and I really wanted to invite them over for dinner before they fly home tomorrow, but the all wanted to go out drinking tonight since they didn’t have to work tomorrow. Bummer, couldn’t share a little community with them. Maybe next time.

  3. elizabeth says:

    Mom, the much-awaited post will come Friday (today). Stay tuned!

    Stephen… yeah… been there.

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