Monastisicm: Old & New (Shameless Self-Promotion 1.0)

As mentioned previously, the recent issue of Christian Reflection: A Series in Faith and Ethics was on the topic of community. It’s official title was Monasticism Old & New, and it’s quite good. Since it finally came back from the printer and has been mailed out to subscribers, you can now read the whole issue online if you’re interested (including a book review by yours truly, which of COURSE you’re interested in).

It’s a thoughtful look at historic/classic monasticism–the desert mothers and fathers–as well as the “new” monasticism which has been cropping up all over the place for quite a few decades (centuries, actually), but most people who have heard of it think about it as a recent trend among young radical folks… folks thinking a lot about community… maybe folks like me. I don’t know. I don’t really have a radical bone in my body, but I do talk a lot about community.

But back to the issue: one of my favorite articles is Kyle Childress’s “Ties that Bind: Sharing a Common Rule of Life.” (Kyle is a pastor in Nacogdoches, Texas, and his writing is always good for me to read. In this article, he challenges congregations to consider what a “shared rule of life” might look like in the life of a church–I actually wrote the study guide companion piece for this article, too.)

Lastly, my friend Amber’s worship service–each issue of Christian Reflection includes a worship service tailored to the issue theme–is also quite thoughtful, and worth a gander.

Remember that you can subscribe to this publication for free by clicking here. There’s really no catch, I promise.

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