Cemetery Applesauce?

Right now there are eight hands in our kitchen making applesauce. (My two hands are obviously not in the kitchen, since I’m typing away at the keyboard.)

I had to run to the basement to type something about this, because this is community three-fold.

Here’s how:

1) Yesterday, we went over to the house of some friends (along with A–see, A? I do mention you sometimes on the blog) as a celebratory party because one of our friends is heading off to Scotland very soon for a very  long time. We wrapped plaid sheets and blankets around ourselves and spoke with a Scottish brogue (well, some of us did). Between dinner and the second round of desserts–that is, there were multiple rounds of dessert involved in the evening–we took a drive over to pick some free apples. We came back with lots, and lots, and lots. For free.

2) Above-mentioned group is now making applesauce from said apples, right above my head. I’m listening to music blaring, foot steps creaking, and lots and lots of teasing. Along with the shared work of community, we shared resources to make this happen–jars and lids, crockpots, extra sugar. Yum.

3) Aren’t you even curious how the apples were free? Well, get this–our little town’s cemetery is home to three rather prolific apple trees, and apparently nobody picks them (we assume, considering the scads of rotting apples on the ground). Who decided to plant these trees, we have no idea, nor do we know if someone takes care of them. What we know is that we got 53 pounds’ worth of apples off of only 2 of the trees. (SHHHH. Don’t tell our secret.)

4) I also need to add a fourth-fold item to this list, because we’re using a handy contraption called a Victorio Strainer to make this applesauce, and we got that from my in-laws last year for Christmas. It’s the same device my mother-in-law uses every year to fill her pantry, and I must say, is a worthwhile tradition I’m happy to be part of!

Well, better get back to work. I think my hands are needed in the kitchen.


4 comments on “Cemetery Applesauce?

  1. Gen says:

    Sounds like fun! Have you made applesauce before? Is it easy?

  2. elizabeth says:

    No, I never made applesauce before. My mom made it when I was growing up, and my mother-in-law does now, too. The Victorio Strainer makes it really easy because all you do is quarter the apples, steam them enough to make them soft, and then send them through this grinder/sieve combo thing and voila, applesauce. Then we canned it instead of freezing it, but you can do either.

    It’s good to hear from you!

  3. sheila klopfer says:

    I was drinking hot tea this morning with a dollop of milk. It reminded me of my friends back home. Thanks for the Applesauce story. It felt like home reading it! (Not that I haven’t found a nice little community or two here, mind you.)

    • elizabeth says:


      We miss you, friend. Drink some strong tea for us.

      What can we do in honor of you? Make some s’mores in the microwave? I think so.


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