Missional = doughnuts?

I took doughnuts in to cheer my students up on Thursday. They’re really stressed out with midterms going on, and they’re beginning to resemble zombies. I have never gotten such a reaction to anything at 8 o’clock in the morning as I did to the revelation that I had brought doughnuts to class. I am a hero.

This weekend in Texas, I ate some incredible doughnuts at a place called Gourdough’s in Austin–pronounced like “gordo,” for all of you Spanish-lovers out there. (Click here to see a YouTube clip about the joint, which is housed in a retro silver bullet trailer.) These doughnuts are a big mass of fried dough smothered in just about anything you want. I ordered the “funky monkey,” a gigantic wad of fried heaven covered in cream cheese icing and grilled bananas. My friend–the bride-to-be–ordered the “flying pig,” nearly floating in a maple glaze and topped with crispy bacon. Yes, bacon. You’ve got to trust us on this one, but it was phenomenal.

I am probably genetically predisposed to this, but I sure do like doughnuts.

That said, I’m referring you to Everyday Liturgy, Thomas Turner’s blog, for our Sabbath meditation of the week. Last week, Thomas briefly pondered what it might mean to call oneself and one’s church “missional”–and guess what? It’s more than just handing out doughnuts. Oh yes. Doughnuts.

Go read what he has to say, and let me know what you think.


5 comments on “Missional = doughnuts?

  1. stephen says:

    It’s quite amazing how a good piece of fried dough can bring people together. 🙂 I have a friend that makes a maple and bacon cake or cupcakes. It is AMAZING.

  2. Elizabeth's Dad says:

    So at first I thought the guy went in a complete circle until I realized it is the heart that makes the difference. ALthough I have trouble thinking you can really give someone a tract in love, I can see giving someone a donut with the same ulterior motive.

    Bacon? on a donut? :>)

  3. elizabeth says:

    Yes, bacon! I’m glad Stephen doesn’t think I’m crazy. I mean, I definitely liked the funky monkey better than the flying pig, but I did have to admit that the bacon-maple combo was better than I expected it to be. I just prefer my doughnuts sweet.

  4. Christi Hemati says:

    We had the cupcakes with bacon on top recently when a student baked a whole set for class while we were reading Bacon’s De Organon – it was great!

    And as for the other post, I think that he’s right if ALL you do for missional living is give people donuts, but often giving people donuts is just one way of showing people you are thinking of them and want to brighten their day in a small way (as in your case with your students – Russ and I bring donuts or candy to our classes on every test day, and lately other students in my early morning class have been bringing them for everyone on random days).

  5. Elizabeth's Dad says:

    Interesting story about a church who called themselves “A Bunch of Jerks!” Read more at
    http://beenthinking.org/2010/10/19/confession-by-billboard/ and yes, it really is about us being missional in our lives.

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