Oh yeah: Thriller

I nearly forgot to write a blog post about the highlight of my weekend.

(Thriller photo swiped from here.)

A few weeks ago, when driving home from work, I saw something a little odd. In the same place where the Catholic church advertises their fish fries and peewee sports teams advertise tryouts, I saw a sign announcing that on Halloween my little town would be hosting a performance of Michael Jackson’s  Thriller (that hyper link takes you to the music video on YouTube; for those of you who have no idea about pop culture, here’s the Wikipedia entry). I wasn’t sure what it meant that Thriller would be performed up on Main Street, and I didn’t take the time to look into it.

Then on Halloween, we were invited to a few different Halloween parties and we selected the one that didn’t require us to wear costumes. This party also happened to occur at a friend’s house only a few blocks away from Main Street. Around eight, we all headed downtown to see what we could see, mostly with expectations pretty low (though I did expect to get a blog post out of it).

Getting closer, we could see the crowd and hear announcements being made into a microphone. Hmm. J and I ran ahead of the group when we heard the music begin. By the time we got there, about two blocks of Main Street were surrounded by a larger crowd than I’d expected–I’d guess 8 or 9 people deep. It was hard to see, even at my height. It looked like only two people were dancing in the middle of the blocked off area, and one of them was wearing a red Michael Jackson coat, but still. Standing on my tiptoes, I didn’t think it was worth being too impressed about.

Then J asked if I wanted to get up on his back to see better.

Oh my goodness.

Because of the hordes of people in front of us, we couldn’t see all of the mummies lying on the ground. I’d guess fifty or so. Mummies. On the ground. Right there on Main Street.

Then they started to move, squirming to life, jerkily wandering around, as Michael Jackson danced on. There were young and old mummies, short and tall mummies, skinny and round mummies. It was pretty impressive that so many people had gotten involved, and that so many of us had come out to watch them be mummies. AND THEN–

YES! They began to dance the Thriller dance.

It was awesome. I was smiling huge and clapping. I couldn’t help it! And I don’t tend to get excited about this sort of thing. I was just overwhelmed, in my own little way, with my own little community.

Though it doesn’t do it justice, here’s a photo I found on the Georgetown New Graphic’s web site (the two “leads” in front, with the horde of mummies in the background):

Photo (c) the Georgetown New Graphic (not used by permission, but you can view the original by clicking on the hyperlink).

By the way, I have found out since Saturday that this is not an original idea or even a rare idea. Lots of medium- and big-sized cities do it, including our nearest big city right here in Kentucky. But still. I liked it.

Hooray for quirky small-town life.

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4 comments on “Oh yeah: Thriller

  1. Stephen says:

    Sounds Awesome.. quirky small towns are fun.

  2. J says:

    I think they are Zombies, not mummies… but I confess that I am not entirely sure of the difference. Both, I believe, are dead things acting not dead… but I think mummies are always wrapped in white stuff and wander around killing people, while zombies just look dead and wander around biting people and turning them into zombies too. Not that it matters much 🙂

    • elizabeth says:

      Yeah, I suppose they were zombies. I stand corrected. It’s all the same to me, but don’t tell. These things actually matter to some people.

  3. Elizabeth's Dad says:

    Never liked Michael much for his lifestyle but he was a performer and I think it would have been fun to see Thriller even by semi-pros. There a few things that give me chills, and something like the zombies getting up and dancing (see I never saw Thriller) give me good, exciting chills just hearing you talk about it…But heck, I cry at commercials! :>)

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