Fair Trade Your Underwear!

Today is Small Business Saturday, which of course sounds like something up my alley.  In general, though, I’m not much of a shopper, even if I weren’t becoming such an anti-capitalist in my old age.

However, to those of you who are in the mood to shop but not feeling like leaving the comfort of your own home, I wanted to point you to a relatively new company of promise. I promise that I am not benefiting from this promotional blog post in any way.

Remember how I mentioned the 27-million-plus slaves in the modern-day international slave industry? Part of the problem I pointed to is that not only do we not realize that this exists, that the majority of the products we purchase have been somehow touched by injustice and the unethical treatment of real, live human beings, but also we have no way of tracking down where our stuff came from. So for those of us who are concerned about this problem, we don’t know how to change our consumption practices to effect change.

But guess what? NOW YOU CAN KNOW! (Okay, just a little bit.)

Thanks to Generate Magazine, I found out about Good & Fair Clothing. This is a small, Austin-based company committed to providing fair-trade clothing (though right now only T-shirts and underoos).

As you visit their website and think more about this issue overall (as I hope you do), be sure to keep in mind that goods procured in a just and ethical manner are necessarily going to cost more. But it’s probably more helpful to keep in mind the opposite: those items you buy for a steal are just that–a steal. Whatever it is, clothing, food, candy, you-name-it, if you’re getting it cheap then somebody’s getting exploited.

Yep. Strong language. I’ll take that criticism.

Bring it.

But in the mean time, go visit Good & Fair Clothing, and “like” them on Facebook. We need more companies like this, and Small Business Saturday is good day to show your support.

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