Living in the World & Decisions We Make

It’s been great to visit with some of my family and old friends over the last few days, and I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that blog content, especially that of recent weeks, became fodder for conversation. In particular, the blood chocolate posts (both of them) came up a lot, since a family trip to Hershey’s Chocolate World was arranged (with the joke that I would be taking my picket signs to hold up during the photo op at the end of the free ride). The international slave trade came up as well a few times, as did capitalism, consumerism, and trying to simplify our lives. Overall, sounds like great Thanksgiving conversation, doesn’t it? You might think I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not.

Some folks have reported a love/hate relationship with Texas Schmexas, and I think their complaints are fair. I spend a lot of time bringing up ideas I’m having about community, but though I’m asking a lot of questions, I’m not trying to answer them. There is a sense in which I don’t feel like I have the answers, which is why I avoid the presumption of “do as I do” sorts of posts, but, as my dad pointed out, I do actually spend a lot of time thinking about the practical “so now what” questions. Why not, instead of just saying “Hershey’s chocolate is blood chocolate,” actually say, “So we decided to buy this kind of chocolate instead”? Maybe I’ll try that. If I remember. If I forget though, please ask me those sorts of practical questions.

After all, we can’t live in this world without, well, living in the world.

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3 comments on “Living in the World & Decisions We Make

  1. Mom says:

    You’re right, I enjoyed the discussions. Your blog gives me lots to think about, now it’s up to me to DO something about it. Keep up the thought provoking issues!!!! love ya

  2. Christi Hemati says:

    I have a love-love relationship with your blog, so keep doing what you’re doing!

  3. elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! And just to clarify, the “love-hate” relationship expressed by some folks was not intended in a bad way either, but rather to encourage me to also add in some practical suggestions for living in ethical and community-sensitive ways as a balance to the sharp criticism I am willing to launch in the direction of big, bad corporations and our own broken priorities. I actually think it’s a good idea, and I’ll soon add an additional “page” on the blog with some of that pragmatic sort of stuff, along with “for more information, go here” sorts of links.

    Thanks again though. I always appreciate feedback.

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