Resolutions & Being Children of God

Christmas has come and gone, and some liturgical traditions say that we’re back in “Ordinary Time” now until Lent, which this year begins in early March.

One of the things I really cherish about the liturgical calendar’s call to living in seasons of feasting, fasting, and otherwise ordered time is that I often forget to get in a tizzy about the “new” year. This year it completely slipped my mind to make any resolutions.

The liturgical “year” begins with Advent, and if we take Advent seriously, it is a time of seeking and of searching. For me, quite frankly, it’s often more painful than making a long list of resolutions. Going through a fasting season twice a year (Advent and Lent) serves to be a good reminder of how dependent we are all year long on grace.

And when we’re doing it in community, it reminds us how dependent we are on each other. Resolution-making is often individualistic and all about making ourselves into the people we personally think we should be. (Sure, who doesn’t want to go to the gym more often, drink less caffeine, and read more books? Oh, wait, maybe that’s just me…)

The liturgical calendar is a good reminder that there’s just so much more to being children of God.

Look at me getting all evangelical.


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