Wanted: Your Community Stories

You all sneak in some really good stories about communities you’re part of when you post comments here on the blog, when you e-mail me, or when you invite me over for dinner. Don’t think they aren’t getting by me without notice.

In honor of you–and because nobody wants to sit around and read endless stories about my own random communities–I’d like to explore the idea of guest blog posts here at  Texas Schmexas. Like I said yesterday, we’re all part of communities, and we’ve all got stories. Are you willing to share yours?

It can be a straight description of a community you’re part of, or maybe a discussion of why you like being part of one.

It could be an actual story of a time you experienced what seemed like Community-with-a-capital-C.

It could be a time you interacted with a perfect stranger but something–even if you aren’t sure what–warmed your heart, as I like to say. Maybe you talked to a stranger in the bathroom.

It can be a short or long, serious or funny, old or recent.

Whatever your story of community, I want it.

So go ahead. Start getting your brain working, and shoot me an e-mail if you’re willing to share (or post a comment that says you’re willing). Be warned that I’m also going to be e-mailing folks to ask for stories, so you might as well volunteer. Maybe Saturdays will be “guest blogger” days. We’ll see.

Tomorrow I’ll post an example to ease your minds regarding how simple this request is.

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5 comments on “Wanted: Your Community Stories

  1. Mom says:

    This is a great idea!!!! I’ll be thinking what I can write. In the meantime I have been thinking lately about our community in Powells Valley and at the Carsonville Hotel. Also, I remember the time many years ago (when S and E were teenagers) we were at a store in our hometown and I said hello to someone. You said, “Mom, you know everyone!!!!” even though we hadn’t lived here continuously!!!! I am anxious to read other’s thoughts!!!

    • elizabeth says:

      If I remember correctly, Mom, it was someone you hadn’t seen since high school, and yes, I was shocked. Of course, I appreciate this significantly more now, having recently celebrated my own 10-year reunion. 🙂

  2. rowleyfour says:

    Check out my blog – want to use that one?

  3. elizabeth says:

    UPDATE: Wednesdays are going to be guest blogger days, and I’ve had a few community stories submitted already. Shoot me an e-mail if you have one to share–I’d love to add you to the queue!

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