A Community Story: LeTip

While in Pennsylvania over the holidays, I got up early one Wednesday morning and drove with my dad to visit his “Tip Club,” as I’ve heard him call it. A local chapter of LeTip International, Inc., this particular group of a few dozen business professionals meets weekly for breakfast at the local Moose (or Elk? I can’t remember).

The official purpose of the group is business, of course, making contacts and networking. You pay a fee to join, the group votes on new members, and there can’t be an overlap of professions represented. And it’s a pretty diverse group of folks, I must say, from a lawyer, a funeral director, and a real estate agent, to a printer, a florist, and a dry cleaner, to a landscaper and a guy who works in waste management. My dad, a jack-of-all-trades, is there as a web/social media guru.

We had stayed up a little late the night before the meeting, and my dad said to me a few times, “You really don’t have to go with me in the morning if you don’t want to.” I knew I didn’t have to. I could sleep in if I wanted to. It was vacation after all. But eventually, maybe the third time he mentioned it just before heading to bed, I said, “Dad, do you want me to meet your friends? Is it important to you?” He paused and then finally replied, “Yes.”

Because here’s the thing: this breakfast group is community. What the group has in common, apart from being business professionals, is that they’re all jokesters and a pretty rowdy bunch. For example, once a month each of them pretends to be someone else in the group and gives a little “commercial” for that person’s business. It is funny. It is creative. And it’s a bit raunchy at times.

But they’re also a sincere group. One of the first flower arrangements to arrive after the death in our family on Christmas morning was from LeTip. The funeral director who took care of our family was from LeTip. Sitting a few rows behind me at the memorial service was someone I’d met at LeTip.

This is community, friends.

And I know you’ve got similar stories.

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8 comments on “A Community Story: LeTip

  1. John Anthony says:

    Very nice job capturing our personality. It IS a community. One that starts with trust and grows from there. The humor, the fun, the warmth… it is all possible because our little community is blessed to be comprised of beautiful people. From that, the rest flows.
    Thanks again for entertaining write up.

    • elizabeth says:

      Thanks for taking a moment to comment, John. I appreciate the feedback–hope you can spend some time looking around here at Texas Schmexas.


  2. stephen says:

    Great post. I always enjoyed going on breakfast outings with Dad. Great memories. The thing I like most about this group is that they don’t have duplicate representatives from industries. Each individual must step out and make “friends” or at least connections with people who may not originally have been a part of the sphere. We could all stand to do that a bit more.

  3. Elizabeth's Dad says:

    I told my LeTip friends about this blog and got some notes I want to share:
    “Very cool. Please relay that this was well written and it seems like she has the group pegged. I’m sorry I missed the chance to meet her as I believe I was absent. My daughter is Elizabeth as well and I hope she wants to attend functions that are important to me as she becomes a young adult.” – Mark

    “That was nice of her to share her thoughts. It was very nice meeting your daughter.” – Lisa

    “What a great way to capture the essence of LeTip. This is a fantastic little article/blog. Kudos to your daughter!” – Dave

    “Thanks for sharing that Stephen. I think she stated it perfectly!” – Ray

    As for me, the dad, you make me smile Liz!

    Keeping blogging!

  4. Elizabeth's Dad says:

    “This was awesome .. thanks” – Mario

  5. Elizabeth's Dad says:

    Many in one way or another said something like Michele said, “Sounds like she captured the essence of our little group perfectly!”

  6. elizabeth says:

    Thanks for sharing these comments. I’m glad the group approved. 🙂
    Love you.

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