Guest Post Wednesday: Farming Communities

This week’s guest post is written by my mother-in-law, Elaine, a talented educator, guidance counselor, choir director, theater guru, singer, crossword puzzle champion, reader, and listener.

Recently, a young man in our farming community here in western Pennsylvania had a tragic tractor accident and was killed instantly.  This young man, as is politely said, had special needs. But he was a wonderful guy and highly functional.  Once he knew how to do a job, he always did it, no matter what.  He was tireless working around the farm and had many responsibilities.  It was his job to ring the bell at his church, and he was never late.  He worked with his father and did about half of our combining this past season.

Within minutes of the accident, word went flying through the farming community.  It wasn’t long until people were at the farm.  Animals still needed to be fed, barn work done.  For more than a week, people were there to help as the family adjusted not only to their loss, but also the loss of helping hands in the farm work.  Two months later many are still showing up to see what needs to be done.

I’ve seen this happen over and over.  Following a tornado which did massive devastation years ago, animals were quickly trucked to barns that were still standing in order to be milked and cared for until a barn was rebuilt.  In a farming community, when there is an accident or any need, people are there and continue to be there until the emergency is over, even if that is days or weeks.  If your family has four people who can milk, at least one, without anything being said, moves to the other farm to care for animals until the owner is able to do it again.

It is really an amazing community, those who farm the earth.  With common interests, and common values in many cases, these men and women consider every farmer to be a family member and move quickly into action when any need arises, day or night.

Stay tuned for more guest posts about community here on Wednesdays at Texas Schmexas. There are no requirements–any musings about community as you’ve experienced it will do!

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One comment on “Guest Post Wednesday: Farming Communities

  1. Elizabeth's Dad says:

    What a great reminder of what we can do to help others in a time of need. Thanks Elaine!

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