Happy Valentine’s Day, Governor!

Today, over a thousand Kentuckians concerned about the future of our state’s environment, livelihood, culture, and people gathered on the steps of the capitol, capping off a weekend of protest that involved a handful of our local celebrities, including the more widely known Mr. Berry. This colorful group of folks carried signs, chanted chants, played music, hollered, swore a little bit, smiled a lot, passed around petitions, signed Valentine’s Day cards for the governor, and, well, supported a cause they believed in.

The “I Love Mountains” rally occurs every year about this time, around Valentine’s Day, when Congress is in session, as a way to push for clean-energy legislation and, at the same time, end mountain top removal.

I’d never been to a rally like this before, and though I’ll refrain from getting political, let me just say this:

It was pretty darn awesome.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand how complicated of a situation we find ourselves in. I know there are no easy solutions, and many of the folks I listened to today are not fair and balanced in their reporting. But still.

Being surrounded by a group of passionate yet peaceful folks, who may be hollering but are hollering together, it was a great place to be. Old folks and young folks. Wheelchair-bound and stroller-bound. Dogs and guitars. Hippies and coal-miners. Hand-made signs and signs snazzy enough to have been used in presidential campaign. (If you’ve not read the slogans before, you might enjoy “topless mountains are obscene,” one of my favorites.)

This was a big crazy mob, and it was community.

I even got myself a new bumper sticker.

A common bumper sticker around here is "Friends of Coal." I like this better.

Check out I Love Mountains or Mountain Justice for more information about ending mountain top removal, learning more about the process, and tracing your home’s power back to its source.


PS You can actually see me if you look really closely at photo number fifteen here.

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4 comments on “Happy Valentine’s Day, Governor!

  1. Craig says:

    I love that bumper sticker! And yay you for going to the rally. I always find myself inspired by that scene.

  2. Jeff says:

    Great post. I agree with your “It was pretty darn awesome” assessment. Also, KFTC counted, with registrations and then a loose head count at the Capitol, a crowd of around 1200, so your “few hundred” count might be selling it a bit short. I can’t wait for the Friends of Sol vanity plate to come out.

  3. elizabeth says:

    Thanks, fellas. I know that the two of you, like me, feel pretty strongly about this topic. It was a good day.

    Jeff, I saw your photos on Facebook. Good stuff. Thanks for the comment–I am super pleased with that headcount. I am going to update the post to reflect it.

  4. Bonnie (Mom) says:

    And you called me a ‘rebel’ a few posts back!!! ha!ha! I do totally agree with you about this cause! (and others you support and are educating us about) I’m proud of you for participating!!!

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