Psalm 1, the love version

Yesterday I promised to share my paraphrase of Psalm 1, which is a somewhat creative “interpretation” of the psalm, you could say, based on our being called to love.

So without further ado, here it is, complete with numbered verses for those of you who want to go back to the original and compare themes:

Psalm 1, the love version

1. Oh the joys of those
who would love rather than fear,
love rather than condemn,
love rather than complain.
2. They delight in loving as God loves;
day and night they live the great commandment.
3. They are rooted in love,
and bear love, come whatever may.
Such love does not fail
but brings forth new love.
4. This is not true of those who do not love,
the lonely who are without roots to hold them fast.
5. They will perish unloved in the end,
it seeming impossible for some to accept love in this lifetime.
6. For the Lord leads to love and provides opportunities to express it and receive it,
but the unloved don’t know how, having been unloved for so long.



Sidenote (in case it is necessary):

As I am a creative writer, not a theologian, my concern here is not to provide a definitive understanding of these six verses. I defer to those with significantly more education than I to spend their days writing about that. I do think, however, that time spent praying through Scripture and the practice of paraphrasing it can open it up to us in surprising ways. So if you’ve ever tried this sort of thing, or have thoughts about it as a spiritual discipline, I’d appreciate your insight.


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