dementia & community

I am not a particular fan of the aging process, but not because of the normal reasons–not because of graying hair, or the increase of wrinkles, or just the overall achiness of my body after sitting on the floor Indian-style. (I’ve never noticed before how politically incorrect that sounds.)

No, I am not a fan of aging because it means that my loved ones are also aging. With aging comes disease and frailty and loss. (And joy, too, but it hasn’t felt like that recently.)

As many of you know, the last few years have been difficult in this regard for my family, J’s family, and for many of our friends’ families. I’ve about had it, and I’m not yet thirty.


This post is coming as a result of recent family news: my dad told me last week that yet another one of my loved ones has been diagnosed with pre-dementia symptoms.

I’m not sure how I feel these “pre-” prefixes being added to diseases and ailments, because I’m pretty sure it makes us fear sickness and death, but I’m not a medical professional and my soapbox opinions don’t really matter.

In the midst of my overly crazy life, the most important thing to convey is that this news saddened me.

But that’s not why I’m writing about it here at Texas Schmexas.

You see, the doctor also mentioned two things that help to combat the worsening of dementia.

Two things. The first one, of course, is exercise. The second one?

Spend time with other people.

In other words, be in community.

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6 comments on “dementia & community

  1. stephen says:

    Just remember, no matter how old you get, I will always be older. šŸ™‚ I am glad that we are preparing ourselves and our community to be together and be a community as we age. It saddens me to remember our loved ones that aged alone, isolated from the family community that cared so much for them.

    • elizabeth says:

      Your first sentence reminded me of how you always used to say, “She may be bigger, but I’m older” … and how miffed you would get when restaurants would give the kids’ menu to you instead of to me.

      Love you, brother.

  2. Mom(bonnie) says:

    That’s why I just got back from the gym!!!!! Family and friends are sooooo important!!!!! Love my family!

  3. Elizabeth's Dad says:

    As so often happens you caught me off guard with this one….and brought me to tears as I see the future and a loss that could be at the very minimum slowed down. Thanks,

    • elizabeth says:

      Yes. True. But remember that I also said that with aging comes joy, even though it’s hard to remember that sometimes.

      Love you.

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