The New Look

Well, folks, what do you think of the new look? I’d love to hear some feedback on the new layout, the overall look, and my first attempt at a customized header… oh, and yes, those are real photographs from life in Texas.

If you get Schmexas posts via e-mail, be sure to come on over for a visit soon.


10 comments on “The New Look

  1. Elizabeth's Dad says:

    Yup, love it! Not generic but personal!

    • elizabeth says:

      Thanks, Dad. I thought the other incarnation was very classy, but almost a little too sterile. And the three-column thing was annoying.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Looking great, Elizabeth. The tomatoes and the “Jesus Cares” sign in the collage remind me of a Kate Campbell song “Jesus and Tomatoes Coming Soon” and “Jesus is the Way Home”. Check them out!

    • elizabeth says:

      Great connection, Cynthia! I remember Kate mentioning the “Jesus and Tomatoes Coming Soon” song when she visited Faith Baptist last summer. I definitely need to get one of her CDs. Do you have one I could borrow for a listen?

  3. Bonnie (Mom) says:

    Love it!!!! Did you draw the cowgirl? (it’s a girl because of the daisy in the hat!)

  4. gen says:

    I totally LOVE the new look! So nice to see some pictures!! You did a good job designing it.

    • elizabeth says:

      Thanks, Gen. That means a lot to me, since you’re the graphic design gal! Well, and since I stole the photo idea from you. 🙂

      And to everyone else who reads the comments: I added a “page” at the top called “The Photos” that shows the photos in color and explains what they are, if you’re curious.

  5. Melinda says:

    Love it. I have Kate Campbell CD’s I’d be happy for you to borrow.

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