Please vote today!

Remember when I wrote that post called “Asparagus & a Free Toyota to a Good Home“? Well, today is the day you can participate in helping to provide a free handicap-accessible van to one of our local nonprofits.

Will you help?

Please vote for Quest Farm TODAY in the 100 CARS FOR GOOD giveaway at Toyota’s Facebook page! (Click here to proceed; you must log in to Facebook to vote.)

My husband, J, is on the board at Quest, and it’s an important local nonprofit organization we support.  Their mission is to “provide a loving home/workplace for adults with developmental disabilities where they may reach their full potential spiritually, physically, mentally, and vocationally.”

It is very important that you vote today, and please consider spreading the word today to your Facebook friends, e-mail contacts, and others you know, especially those of you who live outside the area.



One comment on “Please vote today!

  1. elizabeth says:

    Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote. The results are in and Quest Farm WON! For real!

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