Community & The Making of Zucchini Bread: A “Poem”

I squatted down at the edge of the garden and reached
my arm under the Michael Crichton-worthy leaves,
on the hunt for the small, crook-neck squash
I’d been anticipating for weeks.
Having been warned about their proliferation,
you can imagine my surprise to discover
not a single yellow gem but instead two
hunter-green zucchini,
masquerading as baseball bats.
I lugged the monsters inside and
heaved them onto our fake-marble countertops,
along with one average-sized zuke,
a handful of Roma beans, and
a pound or two of Swiss chard.
No problem, I told myself, confidently
pulling out the More-with-Less, a gift from a friend,
the same cookbook found on the kitchen shelf
of my momma and both grandmothers.
I was armed with recipes for zucchini brownies,
zucchini crab cakes, zucchini-egg skillets, and
zucchini bread—the mother of all shredded squash recipes.
Slipping into my frilly apron for the occasion,
also a gift from said friend,
and grabbing the decades-old Pyrex from the mother-in-law,
the reliable Pampered Chef spatula from the mother,
the eggs from the CSA,
the flour from the local mill, and
the organic sugar from my favorite co-op,
wouldn’t you know it,
there I found myself in the middle of the kitchen:
whipping up a double batch of community,
sprinkled with cinnamon sugar,
just the way I like it.


6 comments on “Community & The Making of Zucchini Bread: A “Poem”

  1. Bonnie (Mom) says:

    So, I guess the yellow squash plant was really zucchini!!!!!

  2. Bonnie (Mom) says:

    PS, loved the poem, by the way!!!!!

  3. stephen says:

    Great Poem…

    Nice frilly apron too.

  4. elizabeth says:

    Yes, Momma, a surprise to you and me both! 🙂 Did you like your appearance in the poem as the giver of the Pampered Chef spatula and fellow More-with-Less user?

    Stephen, I am a big fan of aprons, frilly or no. Sometimes I wear my much more staid, striped IKEA apron; sometimes I just have to have the frills. I nearly bought an apron down at the Loveless Cafe in Nashville (famous for Southern cooking and lots of meat) that said “Our butts are smokin'” but somehow I resisted. Maybe you should buy it for Kelsie as a Christmas gift. I’m sure you can find it online. 🙂

  5. kelsie says:

    Thanks Liz…
    Maybe I’ll just settle for a More With Less? 🙂

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