Facebook Photo Fridays

Texas Schmexas is expanding!

Over at the Texas Schmexas Facebook page, I’m instituting a version of “Photo Fridays.” That means that from here on out, on Fridays, on Facebook, we’ll be celebrating community together through photographs in often-humorous-though-occasiona​lly-serious ways.

We’re kicking it off with an amusing interpretation of community, so I hope you’ll hop on over to Facebook and check it out. The caption is tantalizing:

Check out our new housemate. His name is Spalding.

(Not sure how to find us on Facebook? From the Schmexas page, you can click on the little “f” in the upper left corner or on the Facebook image in the right column; you can also search for “Texas Schmexas” when you’re logged in to Facebook. Remember that if you “like” Texas Schmexas on Facebook, you’ll receive updates on your Facebook newsfeed when something new is posted.)

And I hope you’ll consider passing on “community” photos you’ve got socked away, if you’d like me to consider including them for future Facebook Photo Fridays. (Whew–say that ten times fast!) Otherwise, you’ll just be stuck with mine.



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