Where Our Cells Belong: A Sabbath Meditation

I came across an interesting quote in one of my favorite cookbooks. It’s not every day one finds thoughtful quotations in cookbooks, that is, unless you’re me, and you prefer the “world community cookbooks” of the Mennonites.

So today’s Sabbath meditation comes to you courtesy of Simply in Season, printed in full below a bread recipe I was making yesterday.

Modern American culture is fairly empty of any suggestion that one’s relationship to the land, to consumption and food, is a religious matter. But it’s true; the decision to attend to the health of one’s habitat and food chain is a spiritual choice. It’s also political choice, a scientific one, a personal and a convivial one. It’s not a choice between living in the country or the town; it is about understanding that every one of us, at the level of our cells and respiration, lives in the country and is thus obliged to be mindful of the distance between ourselves and our sustenance.

– Barbara Kingsolver, originally in The Essential Agrarian Reader: The Future of Culture, Community, and the Land (2003)

Chew on that this week.


One comment on “Where Our Cells Belong: A Sabbath Meditation

  1. Excellent! We’ve been reading the book “Meals With Jesus” by Tim Chester for a sermon series at church and this excerpt is a beautiful complement to the subject. Thanks for sharing!

    p.s., I’ve fallen way behind on blog reading due to our family’s cross-country move (to Texas, of all places!) and am so enjoying catching up with you this morning. 🙂

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