Guest Post Wednesday: The Official Hometown Shirt

The writer for this week’s Guest Post Wednesday is one of those folks with whom I share innumerable inside jokes. Katie, a brand-new mom, is a woman of many talents. She teaches, sings, laughs often, loves her family, offers incredible hospitality, and–no joke–can clap with only one hand. As one of my best friends since childhood, I think you’ll agree that it’s about time she wrote for Texas Schmexas. Enjoy!

Over the course of our lives, we tend to collect various T-shirts: from a race or walk we participated in, an organization we’re part of, a favorite sports team, or maybe one we even caught from an air cannon.

Like many husbands, mine has a select few favorite T-shirts from his stash. He probably only wears about ¼ of the shirts he owns, but among the favorites is his “Pete’s Treats” shirt.

The shirt itself isn’t fancy, cool, or fashionable; it’s just gray with black screen printing on the front and back. What makes the shirt special is the place it represents.

You see, Pete’s Treats is an ice cream and snack joint in the town of Union Springs, New York. If you look it up on a map (okay, Google Maps), you’ll see that it lies on the shore of Cayuga, one of New York’s sparkling Finger Lakes. Dan has been vacationing here at the family cottage on Farley’s Point since he was an infant, and the area has become a home away from home.

The back of the T-shirt claims to be “The Official Hometown Shirt” and includes logos from many of the local businesses. Even though Union Springs isn’t our hometown, it’s easy to feel a sense of belonging during the week we spend there each August. Some of the family members enjoy breakfast from the greasy spoon, the Be Happy Cafe, and most of us like to end the day with a cone from Pete’s Treats. There’s usually a daily trip to the local grocery store, the Big M, and it was big news this year when we saw it’s now a ShurFine. We’ve also built relationships with our neighbors on the Point in our little vacation community. What’s amazing is some of these friendships span the course of over 50 years! We only see each other one week out of the year, but it’s always easy to pick up right where we left off.

I grew up vacationing in Ocean City, Maryland, and while we had our favorite restaurants and miniature golf courses, they hardly felt special when shared with millions of other vacationing tourists. I’ve been coming to Farley’s for about seven years, and each year I look forward to making new memories in my home away from home. Now it will be even more special as we get to share our ‘Farley’s community’ with our new daughter… who’s already made the trip to Pete’s Treats in her carseat!

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4 comments on “Guest Post Wednesday: The Official Hometown Shirt

  1. stephen says:

    Great post…

    I have a t-shirt from my childhood that reminds me of people I’d only see once or twice a year. My grandfather operated a campground in New Hampshire until I was 20. Every summer we would go up to visit him for a week and we would reconnect with the campers that were there every year. It was almost like going home. To see these people, catch up with all the happenings and news of their lives.

  2. elizabeth says:

    Love the post, Katie!

    And I’m pretty sure that “Pete’s Treats” has the potential for a funny inside joke between us. But SHHH… don’t tell.

  3. Olivia says:

    Aww….I remember the Twin Tamarack shirt!!

    Liz, your comments make me smile. 🙂

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