Guest Post Wednesday: A Handful of Communities

Today’s guest post about community was written by my friend, Kathy, a local elementary school music teacher and encourager extraordinaire. Our paths cross on Sunday mornings and, occasionally, for a cup of coffee on Main Street.

If community is as a place where people live, learn, and grow together, then this summer I experienced a handful of communities.

For instance, the last week in July I flew to Cape Charles, Virginia, to enjoy the beach with my sister and her partner. Cape Charles is on the bay side close to Virginia Beach. It’s a quaint, old town with historic houses and beautiful colors of crepe myrtle trees growing in the medians of the streets named Strawberry, Peach, Plum, Madison, Jefferson, Monroe to name a few. The downtown area has a coffee shop, with delicious homemade scones, housed in a historic shop filled with lovely cherry wood walls, and staircase. The hardware store sits in the middle where the manager puts the goods for sale out on the sidewalk in the morning and takes them in about 7 at night. Boasting an ice cream fountain and grill, Rayfield’s pharmacy treats locals and vacationers alike – to delectables like hamburgers, real ice cream sodas, and prescriptions, of course. The gas station on the curve looks like it’s been around since the 1930s.

As we ran, walked, or biked in the neighborhood, we waved to all different people – and they waved back! The beach, being close by, was a great beginning or ending to a good run or walk. I’ve been known to get in the water to cool off many a morning after running – clothes and all. No one cares!

Every evening the gorgeous sunsets provided entertainment for everyone.  We talked with other people on the beach – some vacationers, some residents of Cape Charles – and sat on the beach or floated in the water watching the sun set until the sky turns deep purple. The crowd of adults, children, babies, and dogs then headed home to enjoy a quiet evening of reading, playing games, or catching lightening bugs.

The bliss of it all stays with me in memory for several weeks!

I returned home Saturday, July 30, to my own community of family, neighbors, and friends on Estill Court in Georgetown. It was good to get home to the familiar even after a wonderful, restful time away.

Sunday, July 31, found me worshipping and visiting among my family at Faith Baptist Church – my family away from family, our stronghold of faith, encouragers in the faith, and a spiritual community David, my husband, and our three daughters have always loved and leaned on.

Surrounded by this community, I gained strength and enthusiasm for the new school year that lay ahead of me. I found a positivity that helped me say goodbye to summer and hello to a brand new school year with endless possibilities.

My school community gathered bright and early Monday morning, August 1, where we told and heard stories of adventures and surprises that occurred the past 6 weeks. We spurred each other on as we studied new learning targets, and deciphered the new curriculum strands we would teach this fall. My own team of special area teachers – art, library, physical education, technology and music – gathered to lunch on homemade chicken salad and lemon, blueberry bread made for us by our librarian. We dined on a linen, pink tablecloth complete with cone flowers from her yard. We were able to plan special events, map out the arts and humanities schedule, and “pick up” where we left off June 8, at school’s end.

What else can I say? My days are better because of community. My life is richer because of community. My heart is filled with all things good because of community!


Have you got something to say about community? A story about when you experienced it? Or maybe when you didn’t? Click on Guest Posts to find out how you can be a guest blogger at Texas Schmexas.

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