Share the Love: The First Texas Schmexas Give-Away

I am continually amazed at the strange word-of-mouth (or click-of-Facebook) connections that lead people to Texas Schmexas. Amazed.

And I am thankful–incredibly–to those of you who’ve already shared some Schmexas love with your friends and family by linking to me on Facebook, writing guest blog posts, forwarding e-mails, talking to your friends in Sunday school about Schmexas, and, well, you name it someone’s doing it. I love getting e-mails from you with your stories about community, especially the friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend sort of e-mails.

Who knew that one day you would get free stuff for doing the things you’ve been doing all along?

Yes, I said free.

It’s the inaugural Share-the-Love Texas Schmexas Give-Away.

All you do to win prizes is recruit people to “like” Texas Schmexas on Facebook. Sounds easy, right?

Here’s how it works. Between now and the end of the month, you tell people about Texas Schmexas, they “like” it on Facebook, and you win cool stuff.

The only catch is that your friends need to tell me via 
e-mail (schmexas[at]gmail[dot]com), Facebook, or the blog 
that YOU are the one who told them about Texas Schmexas.

Refer the most people, and you’ll win. In fact, if you refer at least 3 people you’ll be guaranteed a prize.

And since I know you’re curious, here are some of the awesome prizes donated so far, with more to come–

1-2) Beautiful, hand-made, one-of-a-kind gift items provided by Patti Clay, Ink. (Life. Handmade.) Check out some of her goodies on Facebook. She’s offering us two items–a pack of four hand-crafted cards and a decorative shadowbox.

3-7) Books donated and signed by the authors who wrote them

8-9) Two copies of the most recent issue of GENERATE magazine, featuring articles about Mumford & Sons and the Wild Goose Festival, powerful Stations of the Cross artwork, and a gorgeous layout. I just got my copy in the mail last week, and it made my day.

10) A bag of freshly roasted, certified fair-trade, organic, whole-bean coffee (roasted fresh the day before it is mailed to you)

11) A sampler of home-canned goods from my own pantry, if for some reason this is more appealing to you than the above prizes. (Sweet-hot banana pepper mustard, pickled hot peppers, and zesty salsa could make a lovely combination.)

6) If necessary, I’ll come up with other prizes. Be sure to let me know if you have any suggestions (or prizes to donate).

So there you have it, folks. Go share some love and win free stuff.

Fine print:
Please respect this as a contest by not being sneaky.
Previous "likes" on Facebook don't count.
Contest ends September 30th. To the extent possible,
winners will be able to select their preferred prizes.
Anyone can participate, even my family members and prize-donors.

2 comments on “Share the Love: The First Texas Schmexas Give-Away

  1. Fred Quimby says:

    how about iTunes cards or Netflix gift certs?

    • elizabeth says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Fred. I’d be happy to consider offering those as prizes if someone would like to donate them.The other prizes with a monetary value, including the books, have been donated.

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