A Human Being, Just Like Me

On CNN’s American Morning today–which was on while I was at the gym, lest you think I’ve begun to pay attention to the news–four of the folks involved in rescuing an unconscious motorcyclist trapped beneath a burning vehicle in Utah were interviewed about their heroic deeds.  (That was a long sentence. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the full story can be read here, though I can’t find a link to the video.) I’d seen the original story yesterday when the rescuers were still anonymous. It really is an amazing thing to watch, this diverse group of people lifting a car up and pulling an unconscious stranger to safety. But today was the follow-up, the update that the rescued motorcyclist is doing well, and credit being given where credit is due. We like heroes and happy endings.

Something that one of “the heroes” said during the interview really stuck with me this morning. He was asked, “why would you rush towards this burning car and put your own life at risk to save a stranger?”

And this is what he said: “Well, even if he was a stranger, he could be my brother. He could be my friend. He could be anyone. He’s just a human being, just like me.”

He could be my brother.

He could be my friend.


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