Update: Share the Love

Don’t forget about the inaugural Texas Schmexas Share-the-Love give-a-way. As only three people have “entered” the contest so far, it isn’t going to be very difficult to win a prize! If any of them tempt you, be sure to join in on the fun in the next four days. (The prize list is here.)

For those of you keeping track, Sheila’s in the lead with 4, followed closely by Gen (3) and Christie (2).

Yes, that means that referring just one person will earn you a prize… Not that I’d mind keeping some of these autographed books to myself, of course.


4 comments on “Update: Share the Love

  1. Judy Miller says:

    Thank Patti Miller for showing me the light to your blog. And now she’s entered!

  2. Matt says:

    Who won the contest?

    • elizabeth says:

      Matt, everyone who entered the contest will win a prize, since I had more prizes than entrants. But the top winner was Sheila, followed by a close second with Patti, and then Christie, Elaine, Gen, Tori, and Blair.

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