Food, Glorious Food

A blog I frequent, Everyday Liturgy, recently began a series called “Why Should Christians Eat Ethically?” It promises to be a worthwhile read, so I hope you’ll check it out and use it for some, ahem, food for thought (pun intended) in the coming days. I know I’m going to.

Folks, I like food.


I wasn’t sure how much until I selected “food” from the topics list here on the blog just to see how often I use “food” as a tag. Let’s just say that the results made me a little sheepish. In fact, food might even constitute an obsession for me.

I’ve written posts* about whoopie pies, berry pies, and other pies, asparagus and garlic scapes, making applesauce and canning tomatoes, not eating certain things and eating other certain things. I’ve mentioned an autobiographical essay I wrote that focuses on my family’s food history, written a poem about giant zucchini, a poem about tomatoes, and two blog post series: food and community and cultivating gratitude. I love farmers markets and local farmers, my co-op, and greasy spoon restaurants just about equally. And in my book, few things compare to a good potluck.

So what else is there to say?

I really like food.

And discovering just how much I like it has made me start to wonder why? Why do I like food so much?

Certainly not just because I like to eat (though I do)!

I think it’s got something to do with the way it connects us to each other–and the potential it has to separate us from each other, too.

Not surprisingly, that’s what I’m going to write a few posts about. A new series on food.

Stay tuned, friends, and in the mean time, check out that Everyday Liturgy post. Thomas is asking some great questions.


* I’m hyperlinking to all of these old Texas Schmexas posts because there have been quite a few new readers to the blog recently, thanks to the friendly feud to win the Share-the-Love giveaway. Take a minute to look back over some of those old posts and offer some your own thoughts. I’m hoping it might even spark a guest post or two…

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One comment on “Food, Glorious Food

  1. elizabeth says:

    And just a reminder that two food books–an autographed copy of Dr. Norman Wirzba’s new book, Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating, as well as Margie Rigney’s Food Is Love: Life, Humor, and Sustenance for the Southern Soul–are prizes in the Texas Schmexas Share-the-Love giveaway. The contest runs until September 30th (tomorrow), and plenty of prizes are still up for grabs!

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