So much to say and so little…

Welcome new friends of Texas Schmexas!

I’m writing today to announce that just on the heels of a successful Schmexas Share-the-Love Giveaway, it appears that I’ve developed a problem. It’s not writer’s block, exactly, but it’s something similar.

It’s called writer’s lack-of-motivation.

Truth is, it’s not something that usually happens around here. (Okay, it actually happens around here a lot when it comes to my graduate school work, but it doesn’ t happen often with the blog.) I have lists and lists of things to write about, but when I look at those lists, I simply don’t want to write about them.

Like this upcoming food series. It promises to be fun, doesn’t it?


I have a post-it note list in front of me that says

* pimento cheese
* frito pie
* cinnamon rolls
* road trip food: BBQ chips, egg salad, donuts
* sauerkraut
* memories/holidays/generational wisdom

It promises to be a handful of good blog posts…


So, basically, the purpose of this post is really to say

1) Don’t give up on me yet, friends.

And 2)  what do you do when you have no motivation to work on a project?

I usually go cook something. Like the cinnamon rolls in my kitchen.

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8 comments on “So much to say and so little…

  1. Elaine Wise says:

    If I’m sad, I clean – don’t ask me why! If I’m excited but unmotivated, I walk. Both, I admit, are avoidance tactics:)

  2. stephen says:

    I know what that 4th bullet point is about… can’t wait to read that one.

    Regarding lack of motivation.. If I am not motivated to do one project, I usually find some other project smaller to work on. Or sometimes I just “plan” my project a little bit more, maybe take a trip to the hardware store to price all the supplies out, again.

  3. Patti Clay says:

    A nap is good. A walk is good. A piece of pie is good. Sometimes it takes all three!

  4. Gail says:

    Great question and I will enjoy reading the responses. I either choose the most pleasant, the smallest or the easiest item on my list and make myself do that. Then I can either quit with a small sense of accomplishment and choose not to beat myself up OR I actually become a little motivated or compulsive (thought you might like that) and move along to the next item. Either way it is a win-win. Love you!

  5. elizabeth says:

    I’m the queen of avoidance tactics, and I too implement both cleaning and exercise in the effort to avoid work.

    At least you’re making a little bit of progress in the meantime! J is a planner, too, so I know what you mean. He’s a lot better than I am at plugging away at things, bit by bit, than I am though.

    Preach it, sister. And sometimes a second nap. 🙂

    You, compulsive? No way. I am all about the small sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, I sometimes feel accomplished just by taking a nap. (See my response to Patti.)

    Everyone else–I’m surprised nobody has mentioned using rewards yet. This typically doesn’t work with me these days, but someone I know rewards himself with pieces of chocolate. Back in college, I rewarded myself with a shower. Weird, I know.

    I look forward to hearing from other folks, too!

  6. Sheila Klopfer says:

    I get on-line and see what is happening on Texas Schmexas! 🙂 It depends. If its a brain-thing that I’m having trouble doing – I try to do a hands-on project that’s on my list — cooking, mowing, cleaning, running, etc. I guess I would say that most of the time, my block is because my brain just doesn’t want to concentrate.

  7. I used to go walk around Peddler’s Mall and look for bargains I didn’t need…

  8. Darla says:

    A nap is the first thing that comes to my mind. Or, if I really want to make myself feel badly, I start wondering why I am not motivated, and just what is the meaning of life anyway, and have I been wasting my life? Which quickly leads to taking that nap and returning to sanity and giving myself a break! And I really like the pie solution!

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