And then there was III

I like the number 3.

I tend to light candles in threes, which for me is a Trinity thing. And last week we watched the Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13 trilogy. Then on Saturday, a Stephen III was born in my family. This Sunday was the third Sunday of Advent, called “Rose Sunday,” when we light the pink candle and mark the half-way point on the journey to Christmas.

Ah, yes, three is a good number.

Still, a few weeks ago when I noticed a quirky Facebook friend from Texas add a Roman numeral III to her name, I thought it was kind of strange. I mean, you don’t suddenly become Jane Smith III. But this friend really is quirky, and I hadn’t talked to her in awhile, so I just chuckled and then forgot about it.

Until the next day, when I saw another Facebook friend add III to his name. And then another. And another.

And in a few weeks’ time, there were at least a half dozen people on Facebook with III behind their names.

So, if you know where this is headed, you probably think I’m dense. But it won’t surprise anyone that I don’t follow sports, especially college sports.

Even I, however, eventually made the connection that these were all Baylor people. And even I had this vague recollection that there was an amazing football player who was a “III” (Robert Griffin III) and everyone down there called him some catchy abbreviated version of his name that involved the III (RG3).

Over the weeks, more and more updates were posted on Facebook about football games, TV coverage, and green-and-gold glory. Then last week, I watched from a distance as our Baylor friends got more and more (and more) hyped about the potential for RG3 to win the Heisman. Baylor’s University Chaplain, my former pastor, even rewrote a Christmas carol for the occasion, “The Carol of the Bears.”

You see, RG3 is impressive on the field, I’m told, as well as off the field, and Baylor hasn’t had a Heisman winner since, well, ever. So there were lots of reasons for excitement.

It even made me, sports fan though I am not, excited to have been part of the Baylor community for a time.

And then, of course, he won.

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5 comments on “And then there was III

  1. Liz's Dad says:

    Very cute video!

  2. craigcrowder says:

    Three has always been my lucky number. I was once in a cake walk at a carnival as a child, and when the music stopped, I was standing on the number 33. Even at that age, I thought it was a good omen for me and knew I would win before the number was drawn.

    This is probably the only thing I’m still superstitious about, and I know it’s silly. But hey, what are ya gonna do…?

    • elizabeth says:

      Hi, Craig! It’s been awhile. Thanks for stopping in, my friend.

      I’m pretty sure we’ve all got bizarre superstitions. I mean, not that yours is bizarre. It’s perfectly rational. Mine are mostly too bizarre to confess. 🙂

      Have your thirties been a particularly good decade?

  3. Jessica Schwartz says:

    Woohoo!! We’re living the Baylor excitement down here for you and Jonathan 😉

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