Guest Post: Orgies in the Neighborhood

Special thanks go to my big brother Stephen, who wrote this week’s Guest Post Wednesday despite having a new baby boy arrive less than two weeks ago. (May that be a message to all of you entertaining the idea of submitting a guest post…)

Here at Texas Schmexas we have discussed what we think about our neighbors or what we observe of our neighbors’ comings and goings, but did you ever stop to think about what they observe about you?

I recently had an opportunity to hear one such observation about me and my household.

We live in the “inland northwest,” which in our case means the eastern part of the state of Washington. When most people think of the state of Washington, they think of the rainy, drab, and dreary forests of the western side of our state. Well, where we live, it is dry and dusty with real genuine tumbleweeds. If you want something to grow, other than tumbleweeds, you need to irrigate. This also means that when winter comes you need to blow out those irrigation lines so they don’t freeze and break.

Recently, we hired a friend from church to come with the equipment and tools to get the job done. As we were standing around chatting, he was telling me that he did some work for one of our nearby neighbors. He then told me what our neighbor thought of us “newbies” who just moved in a couple months ago. Our neighbor had said, “I think they have orgies over there–every Tuesday night a bunch of cars show up for a couple hours, then everyone leaves.”

What??? Where did this come from?

Yes, well, in fact every Tuesday a bunch of cars and teenagers do show up at our house for a couple hours and then leave about nine o’clock. My wife and I host a youth small group associated with our local church. We get together, hang out, have a snack, and have a brief discussion about some applicable topic, whether it be biblical, theological, or life related. We simply share a little bit of community together. Far from an orgy.

Our friendly handyman clarified to our neighbor that no we don’t have orgies and that his son attends a church youth group over here on Tuesday nights.

Moral of the story?

Get to know your neighbors. Like rumors, first impressions or casual observations can be far from the truth. They’re probably not as crazy as they seem.

Well, last night we tried to clarify any false observations our neighbors might have had about us. We baked some Christmas cookies, made some Christmas cards, and went Christmas caroling. We went and sang some songs at our neighbors’ houses. Not everyone opened their doors, but we sang anyway and left our gifts on their doorsteps.

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2 comments on “Guest Post: Orgies in the Neighborhood

  1. Bonnie (Mom) says:

    Love it!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Liz's Dad says:

    just a reminder that someone is always watching, eh? Good work! Because they noticed what you were doing someone else was able to share just a little good stuff with them about you.

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