“A friend in need is a…”

This is the back story:

On Saturday morning over blueberry pancakes, J and I chatted about what we hoped to accomplish for the day, a typical routine for us. I had a laundry list of items I knew I wouldn’t accomplish, but his sounded pretty reasonable, mostly working on the renovation of our basement. By afternoon, if he’d finished with the electrical work, and if the weather was nice, he hoped to head to our nearest Big Box Store to buy more drywall for the ceiling.

This endeavor is always a little complicated, as we drive a two-door Ford Focus hatchback. Though we call this beloved hand-me-down “our little pick-up”–since we’ve managed to squeeze all sorts of enormous furniture into the hatchback–drywall doesn’t fit and of course doesn’t bend.

As a result, we always need to borrow vehicles to get the job done. And with our constant renovation, this happens pretty regularly and becomes a headache.

This is the actual story:

Late morning, we hear a knock on our front door. As I walk up to it, I see a large white pick-up truck parked in our driveway. Oh, geez, I think. Someone wants to clean our gutters. (This happens pretty frequently, which is probably a sign we should, ahem, clean our gutters.)

But then I peek through our window and I see our friend, Harry. (Harry is not his real name. I don’t know anyone named Harry.)

For a second, I’m pretty confused, since Harry and his wife are just about the last people on the planet who would purchase a pick-up truck, especially one this large. They’re the folks who picket against mountain-top removal and contact their congressional representatives on behalf of the underprivileged, for example. But there I see Harry, peeking back at me through the window.

Turns out that through a series of serendipitous events (for us, not for him, since it involved an automobile accident), Harry is driving a pick-up for a few days. A very big pick-up. And Harry stopped by to see if we needed to haul anything today.

Just in case.

Now what’s the chance of that?

And yet another reason I’m glad we’re part of this community…


2 comments on ““A friend in need is a…”

  1. stephen says:

    One of the reasons I have my nice big pickup truck is to lend it out to friends who don’t have trucks.

    Too bad you live too far away.

  2. Marjorie Wallace says:

    God knows our every need…….just trust and He will supply.

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