Puke & Community

My brother and sister-in-law, like us, strive to live “in community.” Right now, in addition to a two-year-old daughter, a five-week-old son, and a seven-year-old chocolate lab, a friend lives with them in an extra bedroom. (Actually right now they also have my dad and stepmom sleeping on an air mattress in their dining room for the week!)

Over the last few days, their friend and housemate got a stomach bug. A very unpleasant stomach bug.

In the midst of all of this, my sister-in-law reportedly* stated a great truth about community, which I am swiping from Facebook and reprinting here without her permission:

Independence is cleaning up your own puke… Community is cleaning up your roommate’s.

Ah, yes.

And, we could add, community is also having someone to clean up yours.


* I add an asterisk because she does deny using these exact words, 
though not the sentiment.

2 comments on “Puke & Community

  1. stephen says:

    Another part of community on top of having someone to help clean up, is sharing the sickness. After helping clean up, it spread throughout the house to most of the rest of us. 😦 But we are all back to being healthy again. 🙂

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