Epiphanies in the Ordinary, part 1

We typically keep our Christmas decorations up through all twelve days of Christmas, so until January 6th.

Sometimes we’ve been known to gradually un-decorate, just as we gradually decorate during Advent. We’ll remove the ornaments and the tree, for example, but leave up the greenery and white lights on the mantle, reminding us that during Epiphany, we experience Christ in the world. We bring our gifts, like the magi brought, and we respond to the call of Christ’s light in the world, like the magi did.

This year, we were away for Epiphany. In fact, we didn’t arrive home until nearly a week after. Upon arriving home on the 12th, we moved our magi to their place beside Jesus, pretending they actually arrived while Mary and Joseph were still in Bethlehem, and decided to hold off un-decorating for a few more days.

Okay, so we were really just too busy to take the decorations down, but who’s counting?

Finally, half-way through January, we gave in to the pressure to take down our Christmas tree.

And now I find myself experiencing an interesting in-between time in the Christian liturgical calendar.

Some versions of the calendar have us still living the Epiphany, that season of Christ being revealed to the magi, to Gentiles, to us. Other versions have already bumped us into what is known as Ordinary Time, a time-out of sorts between Epiphany and the fasting season of Lent, a foreshadowing of the weeks upon weeks of Ordinary Time we experience through the summer months.

So what, right?

Well, folks, I want both.

I want to experience the Epiphany as well as little “e” epiphanies in Ordinary Time as well as in little “o” ordinary experiences of the daily. Is that too much to ask?

Um, no.


2 comments on “Epiphanies in the Ordinary, part 1

  1. Anne Rose says:

    Thank you so much for remembering us at this difficult time.
    Just wanted you to know that we have TRULY found out about community, it has humbled us and overwhelmed us, and uplifted us, and that means so much. I have thought about you and your column many times just because of this. We will be ok, but it is tough at the moment!

    • elizabeth says:

      Yes, that’s what community does, doesn’t it? It remembers us when we need to be remembered. Thanks for stopping in. You and your family will continue to be in our prayers.

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