As a general rule, don’t click on YouTube clips on the blog…

Hi, friends. This is not a “real” Schmexas post, but it has come to my attention that sometimes WordPress is automatically putting YouTube clips at the bottom of my blog posts. These show up between the post itself and the comments section. Sometimes they are innocuous, but sometimes they are not appropriate. I have not yet figured out a way to keep them from appearing, since as of yet they don’t appear consistently enough for me to figure it out, and they never appear when I am logged into WordPress. That said, I do not recommend clicking on any YouTube links (or any other links) that show up in WordPress unless I explicitly write about them in my blog.

(You probably already know this, but for your own computer’s security, this is a good general to follow on all websites.)


One comment on “As a general rule, don’t click on YouTube clips on the blog…

  1. elizabeth says:

    WordPress informed me that there is nothing I can do about these “advertisements” that appear on the blog. They should only appear infrequently, and regular readers should never see them (unless those readers are using a different computer than they usually use or, I imagine, if they clear out their browser’s history, cookies, etc.).

    So at this point–until I want to pay WordPress to go “ad-free” or create a new domain for this blog completely–all I can do is apologize if you end up clicking on things you think I’ve posted that end up being from other companies (or who knows what).

    Thanks for being understanding!

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