Are You “Busy-rable”? (A Lenten Sabbath Meditation)

Choosing not to tend a garden is in itself a choice. When we are so busy that we become what a friend of mine calls “busy-rable” (rhymes with “miserable”)–unable to reach out to others because we are so consumed with our own tasks and schedules and desires–we make the conscious choice not to cultivate the garden of peace and justice.

— from a meditation by Jana Riess, in Justice in the Burbs (pp. 108-109)


One comment on “Are You “Busy-rable”? (A Lenten Sabbath Meditation)

  1. stephen says:

    I like that term busy-rable. I can understand it. I have LOTS of projects around my house to work on, but I am only home 2 hours each evening before the kids go to bed. I could work on building the bookshelf or putting down baseboard, but instead I sit on the couch and hold the kids while we play or watch the “letter show”.

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