Neighbors to the Rescue: Guest Post Wednesday (Sort Of)

In last week’s guest post, Heather wrote about the importance of knowing your neighbors: cultivating community, watching out for each other, and caring for each other.

One commenter on that post wrote, Our neighbors across the street just asked us to water their garden when they are out of town next week. In return they are sharing their fresh veggies. I see this as a win-win!

On that same day, one of my childhood friends posted this on Facebook: So apparently borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor is a real thing! Dummy me decided to start making lemon bars without checking to make sure I had enough sugar first ūüė¶ Luckily, [my neighbors]¬†are the most wonderful neighbors ever! THANK YOU!

Her mom replied to the Facebook thread, I borrowed 1/2 tsp. of peppermint extract for a special dessert from a neighbor last week … neighbor generosity and hospitality is alive and well.

And then another friend replied, Yay for awesome neighbors! My neighbors and I are always borrowing eggs, sugar, milk, and other ingredients from each other. I love my neighbors too!

What about you? Do you love your neighbors?

I, for one, feel no shame in calling up our neighbors. Off the top of my head, I can think of times I’ve borrowed butter, eggs, thread, a sewing machine, and even a vacuum cleaner last week when ours broke. We exchange watering duties in our gardens during the summer, keep an eye on each other’s mailboxes while on vacation, and call when door-to-door sales people,¬†proselytizers, or bug exterminator are in the vicinity. And, because I know where their spare key is, I’ve even been called on to turn off the stove or oven a handful of times, when my neighbor has taken longer running errands than expected.

So, now it’s time for your responses–

Tell me, how well do you know your neighbors? Would you call them up when you’re stuck with a recipe, or would you drive to the grocery store? Have your neighbors ever rescued you?


One comment on “Neighbors to the Rescue: Guest Post Wednesday (Sort Of)

  1. Thanks for highlighting the importance of neighbors.

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