On Hiatus…

Friends, Texas Schmexas is going on hiatus for a few weeks. I might post something occasionally, or I might not. We’ll see.

But I promise to come back eventually.

Pinky swear.

Photograph (c) Gen Alexander Photography & Alexander Living

5 comments on “On Hiatus…

  1. stephen says:

    We will miss you… Good Luck…

  2. Marjorie Walllace says:

    Will certainly miss your postings! I’m looking forward to meeting your new addition to the family of Faith.

  3. Gary Pruitt says:

    I’ll hold you to the ‘Pinky Promise’. You are an excellent writer who has a uniqe perspective on whatever is happening around you. Will look forward to you retrning to posting on the blog.

    Hope and pray that all goes well with the upcoming addition to your family. When you do return, I feel sure that one of the main focuses of your writings will be centered on the newborn.

  4. How cute you are! Prayers to you, your husband, and your new baby. I look forward to your future posts. Enjoy your sweet addition.

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