Sabbath-as-Prism: Food for Thought

“When we learn to appreciate sabbath reality as the peaceful and joyous flourishing of creation, and stop thinking of it primarily as the cessation of or temporary reprieve from our otherwise acceptable striving, the prospect of daily sabbath life becomes a concrete possibility. Rather than being relegated to one part of our schedules, sabbath observance becomes the prism through which all our thought and action receive their focus and direction.”


— from Norman Wirzba, “Imagine a Sabbath Economy,” p. 32

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2 comments on “Sabbath-as-Prism: Food for Thought

  1. Beth M says:

    Have you read much Norman Wirzba? After reading Wendell Berry’s essays prefaced by him, and Ellen Davis discuss Wirzba in her book Scripture Culture and Agriculture… I’m beginning to think I should really pick up one of his books!

    • elizabeth says:

      I haven’t read any of his books, but I work with him on Christian Reflection (he’s the book review editor and I do the layout), and the articles he’s written for that publication have been quite good (and are free as PDFs online). I own his recent Food & Faith book but haven’t been able to read it yet. I do really want to read his book on Sabbath. (You can read a wee bit of it on Amazon.)

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