Advent 1: A Sabbath Meditation

[I]n this child, in the man he grew up to be, there is the power 
of God to bring light into our darkness, to make us whole, to 
give a new kind of life to anybody who turns toward him in faith, 
even to such as you and me.

... This is the only truth that matters, and the wise men, the 
shepherds, the star, are important only as ways of pointing to 
this truth. So what is left to us then is the greatest question 
of them all. How do we know whether or not this truth is true? ...

Adeste fideles. That is the only answer that I know for people 
who want to find out whether or not this is true. Come all ye 
faithful, and all ye who would like to be faithful if only you 
could, all ye who walk in darkness and hunger for light. Have 
faith enough, hope enough, despair enough, foolishness enough, 
at least to draw near to see for yourselves.

— from “Come and See,” in Frederick Buechner, The Hungering Dark.


One comment on “Advent 1: A Sabbath Meditation

  1. Liz's Dad says:

    Very good. One of my favorite verses has been “Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.” Psalm 38:4 NIV. As you know we tell our kids they really don’t know if they like something unless they taste it. The psalmist says to do that with the Lord too.


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