Endings, Beginnings, & Why It’s Snowing in Schmexas

I have been somewhat in denial about how quickly the year is careening to its end. 2012 is nearly over! Where did it go?

I blinked and suddenly May 4 is December 8th. My newborn is seven months old. Nearly crawling. Eating food. Talking in complete sentences. (Just checking to see if you were paying attention.)

Would you believe that I flat-out missed peach season this year? I’m not joking. I went to the market at some point this summer and said to the kid working at the orchard stand, “When will you all have local peaches?” And he responded, “Ma’am, last week was the last week for peaches until next year.”

How did this happen?

And then before I knew it, we were watching Thriller downtown on Halloween.

Then *poof* we were eating turkey and pumpkin pie.

And now this.

This morning as we lit our seventh Advent candle, I noticed that Advent is about a third of the way over. (It’s extra short his year, since Christmas is on a Tuesday, early in the fourth week of Advent.) Nearly a third over.

A third.

In honor of my friend, Katie, I will say “oh my freakin’ reakin’ goodness.”


Liturgically speaking, of course, we’re just at the beginning. Last Sunday–the first Sunday of Advent–begins the new church year.

This, my friends, is kind of exciting, if you are able to take a few breaths and not obsess about 2012’s impending doom.


In our house, we began decorating last week, something we do progressively throughout the season, and listening to our Advent playlist.

O Come, O Come, Emanuel.

The truth is, it’s been pouring down rain the last few days here in the middle of America, but with fresh holly perched on our mantle and tucked into mason jars around the living room, I’m feeling kind of wintery.

Which is why, folks, I added *snow* to the blog this week. That’s really the whole point of this post–to explain the white blobs floating across your screen.

Hope the flurries make you smile!

PS If you get these posts via e-mail, 
hop on over to Texas Schmexas to see the snow.

5 comments on “Endings, Beginnings, & Why It’s Snowing in Schmexas

  1. Olivia says:

    LOVE the snow!! Only flakes I will probably see this year. lol

  2. Katie says:

    *Disclaimer: Katie’s quote was circa 7th grade 🙂

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