For the last nine years…


For the last nine years, I've been building community 
alongside my best friend.

He cheers me on and pulls me along. He encourages my gifts and challenges me to be a better person. We’re both cheapskates with strong convictions, and we’re both sensitive souls. We sometimes lose our patience but don’t go to bed angry. We’re nerds who quiz each other from Trivial Pursuit cards over dinner. We laugh a lot. We cook a lot. We decorate liturgically. He reads the comics first and tells me which ones are worth my time. That’s love, my friends.

Like we promised one another on that hot June morning in central Pennsylvania, we strive to “serve God together, side by side.”

I can’t imagine a better fit for me.

And not just because he’s 6’6”!

Happy anniversary, sweet'ums!

6 comments on “For the last nine years…

  1. Happy Anniversary Liz and Jon! I remember that hot day in June in PA well as one of my favorite days. Watching you and Jon dedicate yourselves to each other and the joy I could see on your face. I had always known you would find the right. strong man that you needed but was joyed beyond a father’s dream for his daughter when I met Jon and learned how much he cared for you.

    all my love always, dad

  2. Elaine says:

    Happy Anniversary!! From the day Jon was born, we prayed for you, Liz. That nerd was going to need someone special to understand his thinking, encourage his creativity, and put the brakes on sometimes when he goes the wrong way. God has given to each of you the perfect mate, and we are so proud of the family unit you have become. May God richly bless you with many more years together 🙂 We love you – all three!!

  3. Marjorie says:

    Happy Anniversary to a God-loving couple who shows their love for their Lord in their church and community.

  4. Mom says:

    Love you two. How well I remember that day!! Happy anniversary.

  5. Darla says:

    Congratulations! It is a joy to see the two of you together.

  6. gen says:

    i love this! yes, a beautiful fit you two are!

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