Too Many Johns

I, too, am a confirmed introvert. I am totally energized by being by myself.

Then mornings like this happen and I wonder what on earth possessed me to put myself in a situation where this much craziness ensues:

6:00AM – Alarm goes off. I’m supposed to get up so that I can get a run in before my day really starts. In retrospect, I think it was probably the right call to hit snooze as many times as I did…

7:00AM – I finally drag myself out of bed. We’ve started a total bathroom renovation of our only full bath, and the week has been draining. I fix my coffee and grab a leftover pancake from yesterday’s breakfast. I sit in my favorite recliner and read a book for half an hour while my husband sits next to me and works on plans to build a vanity. His name is John.

8:00AM – My darling three-year-old gets up. Shortly after, her five-year-old sister joins us to cuddle in the living room. Meanwhile, the plumber/electrician/generally-awesome-guy-who-knows-how-to-do-everything shows up to start work in the bathroom. His name is John.

8:30AM – A father drops off his one-year-old at my house for me to babysit until after lunchtime. I plop the baby in a booster seat to snack on some cereal while I finish getting my girls fed and dressed, and the baby waves goodbye to his dad, whose name is John.

9:00AM – Another father drops off his two girls for me to babysit until after lunch as well. I don’t usually watch these two, but he messaged me yesterday somewhat desperate for a sitter. So now I have a 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 year old in my 1000 foot square house with guys working in the bathroom. It’s time to go outside.

9:30AM – I somehow wrangle all five kids to and from the potty and puzzle together five carseats into our SUV (all safely, I might add) so that I can take my menagerie to a playground. While I’m strapping them all in, a friend from church calls to ask if we’re doing anything with the sink we removed from our bathroom. I say that he’s welcome to it, no charge, thanks for taking it off our hands! His name is John.

I’ll spare you the details of the rest of the day – suffice it to say, by lunch I was exhausted.

Spent. Done.

But here’s the thing: I honestly believe that my life is better for this.

I love having neighbors who willingly haul my trash away. I love getting to know new people (and there’s no better way to get to know someone than to have randomly show up in your house at all hours of the day). I love being able to watch other people’s kids so that parents can be something other than a parent for a while. And I love having the one person who I can share my life with, even though it means I’m hardly ever REALLY alone.

I love all the Johns. But maybe I don’t need them all in one morning.


2 comments on “Too Many Johns

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love this post, and I am SO impressed with you. I have lived in homes while under renovation, and I would not be such a chipper gal if I had to live with a bathroom renovation and babysitting a bunch of kids! You have a great attitude and are really quite inspiring to find humor in even the John-theme.

    You are amazing, my friend.

  2. kelsie says:

    I agree! You are amazing. Just wrangling five car seats into a vehicle is quite the accomplishment. Thank you for sharing about your day!

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