Friends Who Keep Me Off the Couch

I have these friends. We like to run together. Sometimes it’s two of us, sometimes three or four or five. We mostly like to run in the woods, though I never run on trails without them because I’m sure I’d get lost. We call ourselves the Pink Baboonz. Don’t ask. I’m honestly not really sure where that came from.

What I do know is that even though I genuinely enjoy running, I still have times when I struggle to get out the door. In those times, I can call a Baboon, and set a date and we’re good to go.

Or if one of them isn’t available, I can usually snag a Try a Tri friend. Who are they? Oh, I’m so glad you asked. Our church started small groups a while back and one of the small groups formed around running and biking interests (once upon a time there was swimming involved but those days are pretty much over). Now we meet twice a month on Sunday afternoons to run or bike for an hour and then hang out afterwards.

Or perhaps there are no Baboonz or Tri friends…you know that famous movie quote: “We’ll always have Facebook!”

There is a Facebook group called Friends Who Run. I’d say that one’s pretty self-explanatory. There are around 15 in the group, though we are all connected somehow, only one person in that group lives near me. We post on the group wall about things that no one else wants to see show up on their newsfeed. Running gear sales, runner’s trots, weekly milage, race reports. Nerdy runner stuff. But I know that if I’m in a health-slump, they’ve got my back.

This month’s Runner’s World magazine featured an exercise group in Boston called The November Project. Its a random group of people (hundreds!) who gather a few times a week to workout together, usually doing running of some kind. Its free, voluntary, and totally fun. The author talked about the rise of the social running group, how its this modern phenomenon and is changing the face of running.


All I know is that in every facet of my life, it pays to have people who care about something I care about, who can remind me that I do in fact care about it even when I’m stressed and tired and grumpy.

People who get me off the couch and engaged with life.

People who have my back.

And who can keep me from getting lost in the woods.



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