Texas Schmexas Update

Hello, friends! In case you hadn’t been paying attention, I’m not writing new blog posts here at Texas Schmexas anymore. Not that I’ve tired of the conversation about community, but, well, my life revolves around the exhausting and time-consuming little community under our roof. In the half-hour or so of spare time I do have each day away from both the toddler and the infant, I’m working on a new website with a new blog. (I’m excited about it, so stay tuned for that info once it goes live.)

In the meantime, I’m leaving Texas Schmexas up and have decided to go back to my posts from 2010 when the journey began. I’m sifting through some of those old posts and, for awhile at least, reposting them on the same day they originally appeared, just four years later.

If you don’t want to receive those recycled posts via e-mail, feel free to unsubscribe. If you weren’t a reader back in 2010, well, lucky you. Enjoy!


PS I’ve turned off the commenting feature.


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