Greasy Spoons and Community

J is out of town for a few days enjoying community with a horde of college students at the beach, so I’m bacheloretting it. Okay, not really. I have a housemate, remember? Today, beautiful sunny day that it was, A and I decided to head somewhere spectacular for lunch:

I totally ripped this photo from a reviewer at

Fava’s is one of my favorite greasy spoons of all time, and it’s not just because of the food, though their frickles are quite amazing. Today I decided to forgo the frickles and ordered my standard small-joint fare (a reuben + cole slaw + a diet coke = happiness).

I like Fava’s because every time I go there, I see people I know. For real. Today as we were sitting in our somewhat sticky little red booth, a guy from our church came in and sat at the booth next to us (both A and I are not so great with names, so I can’t tell you who he is, only that he sings in the choir). But every time I go there, I see people I know, usually people I know well.

I like Fava’s because they’ve been in my little town since 1910! This year is their hundredth anniversary. That is quite a feat these days.

I like Fava’s because there are chairs sitting out front on the sidewalk and no matter when you walk by during the day–early morning, lunch time, evening–there are always folks sitting out there and smoking. AND they say hi and ask you how you are. No matter what.

I like Fava’s because the waitstaff ranges in age from 16 to 60, high-schoolers in low-rise jeans right up next to white-haired women with blue eye shadow.

I like Fava’s because important people in the community dine there. For real. Today we saw a guy we both recognized from a billboard in town. Ha. Beat that.

I like Fava’s because the decorations hanging on the walls and from the ceiling are absolutely random, mismatched, and kind of tacky. There’s a huge painting on the one wall that is a scene from Fava’s back in the day, complete with people who look like characters out of King of the  Hill; there’s a big collection of Mickey Mouse paraphernalia near the door;  two rows of mugs hanging the full length of the ceiling, side-to-side, I’d guess two hundred or so; signed stuff from the cast of The Nanny and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition from when Fava’s catered for them on location; and myriad other decorations. How can you not love this?

And, as if those weren’t enough reasons to sing its praises, I like Fava’s because our waitress today knew what an Arnold Palmer was.