Driving Alone to Music City, part 2

Since I’m sure you’ve been waiting for the second part of the story, I thought I’d better quick write something before we hop on a plane to head to a friend’s wedding in Texas. (Ah, dear, dear Texas, we’ll meet again soon.)

The other thing I wanted to mention was just how odd the stretch of road is driving from central Kentucky into Tennessee on I-65. The first thing that one notices that is somewhat out of the ordinary are the gigantic dinosaurs. Yes, dinosaurs. Somewhere along the way, I passed by “Dinosaur World,” and even from the road, you can see what look like life-sized statues of dinosaurs. Actually, “statue” is a little too fancy of a term. More like paper mache projects of school children to the nth degree. (I’ve been told that they also offer teepees you can rent out like a hotel room, because of course dinosaurs and native Americans lived during the same time period.)

This site/sight, which is actually off the same exit as the (ironically named, in my opinion) South Central Kentucky Cultural Center, made me start taking note of odd places, signs, bumper stickers, and semi trucks I was passing by. I came across Kentucky Down Under (who knew?), Kaiser Pickles from Cincinnati, Ohio (“Offering quality products at affordable prices since 1920”–now that’s a well preserved pickle!), Where are you going to spend eternity? (I’ve shared my opinion on these signs before), Got Murco Mud? (?), Brakebush Chicken (almost makes me want to Google it), and Historic Thomas Drugs (definitely makes me want to Google it).

All that said, it was an interesting drive. All of the above got squeezed into a short story I wrote last week for fiction class, too. Killing multiple birds, and all that jazz.

Until next time, friends: Keep your eyes on the road.

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