And Yet Another Reason…

On lots of Fridays, I don’t have to drive down to campus because I spend the day at home grading papers, catching up on a freelance project, and doing homework. This morning, it was nice to sleep in until 7 am, and my slower morning resulted in J leaving the house a little later, too. A little bit after 8, as he went out the front door, I followed him out to check on our mums on the front porch. They weren’t looking so swell, so I took a few seconds to pull out the dead leaves, and then I grabbed the watering can and headed inside to fill it. (I normally fill it outside, but it was pretty cold this  morning and my hands were already beginning to go numb. I was standing in my PJs and robe, so I wasn’t exactly dressed for a cold morning.)

I turned around to head back into the house as J drove away and, unfortunately for me, when I tried to open the door, I found it to be locked. As is our habit when we leave in the morning, J had locked the door knob latch on his way out, not expecting me to follow him out the door, much less pull it closed behind me.

It was too  late to run after the car and try to get his attention to come back, and I didn’t have my phone or keys tucked away in the pockets of my robe. Hm. What to do?

Then I saw A’s car sitting out front. SCORE. Yet another reason why I am thankful I live in community (and that our “community” has a downstairs bedroom).

I walked around to the back door first, just to make sure it wasn’t unlocked, and then wandered over to A’s window and knocked, really loudly. His curtain moved, and then he peeked out, eye brow raised. I waved a cheery “good morning” and gestured toward the back door. After a few seconds, he appeared at the back door. I was thankful.

[Thank you, friend!]

What makes this story even better is that I came to find out that about a week ago, J found himself in the same position, knocking on A’s window to be let back into the house. Awesome.

So… maybe we better hide-a-key.

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