Howdy! Texas Schmexas was officially retired in 2014. But feel free to make yourself at home.

We hope you enjoy what you find here!


Elizabeth started blogging in 2010, in an attempt to document the community she found in unexpected places when she looked for it. The short version of the story is that she’d recently moved across the country and was missing the community she’d left behind in Texas. She needed a change of attitude, and Texas Schmexas was it.

Three years later, in 2013, she invited some friends to join in the conversation.

Here's what we've found:

Sometimes it does take some hunting to find community, and sometimes it’s right in front of us. Sometimes we learn what community is as we walk through difficult, heartbreaking circumstances; sometimes we learn what it is by rejoicing in extraordinary, in-your-face blessings. But most often, it is in ordinary, shared, lived experience that we discover community.

At least that's been our experience.

And we want to write about it.


PS Elizabeth’s recent musings about community, priorities, wisdom, and what we pass on to our children can be found over on her new blog, “Letters to My Daughters.”