Too Many Johns

I, too, am a confirmed introvert. I am totally energized by being by myself.

Then mornings like this happen and I wonder what on earth possessed me to put myself in a situation where this much craziness ensues:

6:00AM – Alarm goes off. I’m supposed to get up so that I can get a run in before my day really starts. In retrospect, I think it was probably the right call to hit snooze as many times as I did…

7:00AM – I finally drag myself out of bed. We’ve started a total bathroom renovation of our only full bath, and the week has been draining. I fix my coffee and grab a leftover pancake from yesterday’s breakfast. I sit in my favorite recliner and read a book for half an hour while my husband sits next to me and works on plans to build a vanity. His name is John.

8:00AM – My darling three-year-old gets up. Shortly after, her five-year-old sister joins us to cuddle in the living room. Meanwhile, the plumber/electrician/generally-awesome-guy-who-knows-how-to-do-everything shows up to start work in the bathroom. His name is John.

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