On Kicking Butt, Running Hard, and Praying Mommas

Pardon me while I toot my own horn a minute.

I ran a 10K race this morning.

Ten kilometers.

Six-point-two miles.

And my friend Christie and I averaged a per-mile pace that was significantly faster than I typically run, even on the treadmill.

And it was super cold this morning.

And I had a baby 6 months ago tomorrow.

But enough about my awesomeness. That’s not the point of this post.

The “Run for Another 10K” was organized to raise awareness–and funds, of course–for Promise Kids a Future, a nonprofit international adoption agency. I signed up for it a few weeks ago because (a) it was for a good cause, (b) the 10k route was right here in my little town, and (c) I am a crazy person.

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Two More Days of Shameless Self-Promotion…


I hope you’ve considered ordering a copy of Enough for Today, my chapbook of poems coming out from Finishing Line Press in November. I mentioned it a few weeks ago here at Texas Schmexas.

If you order a copy before Sept 7–that means within the next two days–your purchase will help determine the final press run for the chapbook. Though copies will be available for purchase after September 7, the more sold in the next two days, the more printed in November. Hence this final push.

You can order a copy here.

I know many of you already have bought copies–and many of you already have helped spread the word via Facebook and Pinterest–so thanks!

By the way, the opening poem in the chapbook is Broken for You,¬†the tomato/open-heart-surgery/Eucharist poem I wrote last summer for my friend Thomas over at Everyday Liturgy. You can click here to read that poem and pretend you’re getting a sneak peek at the collection.

Thanks again, friends.

– Elizabeth