Two More Days of Shameless Self-Promotion…


I hope you’ve considered ordering a copy of Enough for Today, my chapbook of poems coming out from Finishing Line Press in November. I mentioned it a few weeks ago here at Texas Schmexas.

If you order a copy before Sept 7–that means within the next two days–your purchase will help determine the final press run for the chapbook. Though copies will be available for purchase after September 7, the more sold in the next two days, the more printed in November. Hence this final push.

You can order a copy here.

I know many of you already have bought copies–and many of you already have helped spread the word via Facebook and Pinterest–so thanks!

By the way, the opening poem in the chapbook is Broken for You, the tomato/open-heart-surgery/Eucharist poem I wrote last summer for my friend Thomas over at Everyday Liturgy. You can click here to read that poem and pretend you’re getting a sneak peek at the collection.

Thanks again, friends.

– Elizabeth

Link with Love

Recently I was reading a friend’s blog and saw what looked like a guitar pick that said “Link with Love” in the sidebar of the site. It’s probably not a guitar pick (you be the judge), but that’s what it looked like to me.


I  must have been wasting time that day because from her blog I ended up on another blog that also had the same guitar pick logo in the sidebar, this time in a different color.

What was that thing? I wondered.

So of course I clicked on it.

I discovered LINKwithlove, a really neat nonprofit.

You should go check out their website on your own, but since I know most of you won’t, here’s the gist of their cause in their own words:

LINKwithlove is the idea that we, the internet, can teach and learn respect when dealing with intellectual property* online. It is our dream that art, music, photography, words, design, ideas, etc – be shared in a way that is ethical, respectful, educated and kind.

As I’ve made clear before, I’m a big respecter of copyrights, so I was thrilled to know that this organization exists. They’re facilitating community in a way I hadn’t ever really envisioned, in a world quick to swipe information from the internet and not credit sources. What’s more, they’re doing it in an aesthetically beautiful manner. As a writer and artist and heck, fellow human being, I resonate with the project.

And so I promptly added their badge to my own side bar.

Because I do “link with love”–and I hope you do, too.


PS LINKwithlove also has neato free downloadable calendars for your computer’s “wallpaper.”

Writing in Community: Or, How I Ended Up with Enough Poems to Publish a Chapbook

Last night, I went to my monthly writing group meeting. We only had three poems to discuss–one of mine, two of another’s–and only four of us were able to meet due to the public school system starting up last week and causing some chaos in folks’ lives. But we still got together. We drove out to one member’s beautiful house on a lake. We ate pistachios and chocolate covered almonds. We rejoiced in recent writing successes–one has a novel recently published, another will have some of her incredible artwork on display in galleries, and I have a chapbook of poems coming out soon–and praised one member’s amazing poetry, a member who wasn’t even present! And then we got down to business and worked through the poems.

We jokingly call ourselves the “Odd Ducks,” and one of the things I like about the group is that, outside of writing creatively, I’m not sure we’d otherwise be friends. Some of us, yes, but probably not all of us. And yet we’ve been meeting monthly, give or take, for over three years. Three years!

That’s a lot of poems.

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